Kitchen islands: A smart, stylish addition

When deciding to rejuvenate your kitchen, you may be torn between installing a kitchen island and keeping your floor space free of obstructions. If you have the space, there are so many reasons why your kitchen would benefit from an island. We’re here to tell you the main advantages to installing a brand-new, sparkling kitchen island in your home – get ready to be convinced!

Increased counter space

It’s understandable that when you’re cooking, you may need an increased amount of counter space, especially for tasks such as baking or that looming Christmas dinner! A kitchen island is exactly the solution for this, ensuring that you benefit from counter space that is unobstructed by cupboards at your eyeline. Even though this is additional furniture in your room, it can often make the space feel larger with the increased number of surfaces it provides.

Even more storage opportunities

Though kitchen islands are primarily used as extra surface space, they are also great additions for the extra storage spaces. You can house kitchen equipment and crockery in the cupboards below the counter, or even a dishwasher in the space if you set up plumbing to go into the island. This will help your space feel less cluttered and will increase your opportunities for organisation within your kitchen space, which is essential in a room that gets so much use.

Chances for sociable seating

A popular feature of a kitchen island is an overhanging section of the counter, which can be used for seating and as a dining area. Having seating within your kitchen is a great way to encourage socialisation within the space. Whether you eat here when you’re in a rush, or you encourage your children or partner to do their work at the counter to increase the amount you see them, an island offers so many opportunities for a sense of community in the kitchen and for much-needed seating!

Fill the space and improve the design

If your home and your kitchen are large and open spaces, you may need something to break up the empty space. This is what a kitchen island can help you do. As well as functional benefits, a kitchen island can provide your kitchen with a focal point. As a large counter top, it can offer many design and style benefits, allowing you to accessorise your kitchen as you like and draw your eye to the middle of the room. This furthers the urge for socialising!

Is my space large enough for a kitchen island?

The fact is, not every space is feasible to house a kitchen island. If you have a particularly tiny kitchen, you may have to give it a miss unless you decide to invest in an extension. It’s recommended that you have 40 inches of space on either side of your kitchen island before you get to the kitchen counter. This allows you to maximise the amount of space you have to move around in and ensures that you have a comfortable cooking experience. This is important for the ergonomics of your kitchen.

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