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Detailed kitchen designs to transform your home

We are passionate about kitchen design. Kitchens are at the heart of the home, and our custom designed kitchens will capture you and your style. During our design process, we will have a meeting with you to discuss your desires. Getting to know you, we will build your kitchen around your lifestyle, family life, and priorities. With a variety of styles to personalise your kitchen, your new space will be unlike anyone else’s. We involve you in every aspect of the design, and you will own the designs without spending a penny. With over 35 years of combined experience amongst our team, your designs will be flawless. Call us on 020 8224 7173 to get started.

How we get started

Designing a new kitchen is a process that we relish, providing you with an elegant space in your home. You might be wondering about what will happen after you get in touch with us. Allow us to explain:


Get in contact with us, and we will be able to set up an initial meeting with you to discuss everything you would like your kitchen to be.


During this meeting, we will show you some of our existing designs, working with visual examples to find out which kitchen styles catch your eye. We will identify your lifestyle, taking account of whether you like to bake or have a relaxed cooking attitude, whether you have kids or if your kitchen is a child-free zone. This information allows us to tailor your kitchen to your life.


We will go back to our design station and work on your kitchen. This process could take from a week to two or three, depending on the size of your project, and we will keep you updated along the way, notifying you of how long it will take.


We will invite you to our showroom, where we will show you our proposed design, gaining your valuable opinions and making changes according to your preferences. The design will be emailed to you in a PDF format and the ownership will stay with you. We can then get started with your installation.

Get in touch with our experts

We will do everything in our power to help you during the process of designing your kitchen. Call us on 020 8224 7173, email or complete our contact form for a response within just a few hours.


Our state-of-the-art software

Our designs are completed on state-of-the-art software, prioritising detail and precision. Our software allows us to present our designs to you in a way that includes outside factors. For example, we can show you what your new kitchen will look like at different hours of the day, using varying shades of natural light. We will also incorporate signs of life in the designs, such as stacks of plates within cupboards and a fruit bowl on the countertop. This will allow you to view your future kitchen in a realistic way, visualising it within your home.

Our kitchen styles: From sleek to classic

We specialise in providing German manufactured kitchens in a sleek style. There are three main options available, all providing a different aesthetic to offer the widest choice we can. Your kitchen will be customised to your preferences, with handles and colour options personalising your style choice.

  • Slab kitchens
    This style uses flat doors to achieve a sophisticated look, and can be handle-less if preferred.
  • Shaker kitchens
    These doors rest on a cupboard frame, with a wooden border surrounding a centre panel.
  • In-frame kitchens
    In-frame doors sit flush within the frame, with an elevated edge around the centre.

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Designer Kitchens

Our designs will show you exactly what your luxury kitchen could look like within your home. To receive quality designs of your own, call us on 020 8224 7173 or email