Kitchen seating: include it in your new kitchen?

When going through the process of designing your new kitchen, you may have considered a seating area. Whether this is bar stools on the edge of your kitchen island, or a dedicated snug space around a table, seating can really benefit your kitchen space. Before getting your kitchen designed and starting the process of your renovation, why not find out why you should incorporate kitchen seating in the final space…

Socialise with your family

Seating in your kitchen can allow you the opportunity to socialise with your family. Cooking could be seen as a potentially solitary activity, but with the option for more than one person to be in the kitchen with you, the inevitable task of preparing meals could become a family affair. This is especially good for young children, who could grow up with the mentality that the kitchen is the heart of the home, spending more time socialising when they are older.

Informal seating option

Sometimes, the dining area can feel too formal for the meal you are about to eat on a weekday between work and your relaxing evening starts. That’s why seating in the kitchen can help you with those meals that you feel like you need to eat in a slight rush. This could be what you need for eating your breakfast in those early mornings, and it can also provide somewhere for your children to eat whilst you still have tasks to do in the kitchen, letting you keep an eye on them.

Promoting open-plan living

A lot of the time, seating in the kitchen can promote the open-plan living area that many people strive for. This is especially beneficial if your property is slightly smaller, as the seating in your kitchen can act as your dining area. This could help you free up other space in your home, which you can use as you wish. Open-plan living can mean that your family is more integrated together, and can create a flow in the décor throughout your property.

Contribute to style of your home

It is important to consider the style of your new kitchen when wondering about whether to include seating. Seating can contribute incredibly to your décor, especially if you design a specific space for it, such as a kitchen snug. This can be decorated with pillows in your colour scheme and can be made from complementary materials such as timber. This will create a flow in your kitchen’s style, which is what you are striving for!

Things to consider when making your decision

Before including a seating area in your new kitchen, you should first consider if you have the space. If you are working with a small room, seating may make your kitchen too cluttered to be comfortable. If the only place to have your seating is too close to the stove or the oven to be safe for your children or for you to navigate, this may be a signal that your kitchen isn’t quite large enough. This is important to take into account, as safety is important within a kitchen. It is also a matter of convenience – if a kitchen is too cluttered then it will make your cooking process uncomfortable and less enjoyable.

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