5 ways a kitchen extension will benefit your home

Many people find themselves considering a kitchen refurbishment and then second guess themselves as they bemoan their lack of space. There’s a way around this – a kitchen extension could be just the thing! Extending the lower level of your home is a brilliant way to benefit from a space that serves you with every function you could need. There are various types of extensions that you can pair with a kitchen:

  • Flat roof
  • Pitched roof
  • Skylight
  • Orangery, conservatory, or garden room

If planning permission is required, it can be obtained by your kitchen design company, ensuring that any stress is taken off your shoulders. This process is something that a kitchen design company will excel in. There are so many benefits in extending your kitchen, and here are the top five you should be aware of.

A spacious design

Having a larger space to design within can mean that your new kitchen is more likely to include all your requirements. If it’s your intention to have a double fridge-freezer and a multi-door oven, as well as a kitchen island, this may not be doable in your existing space. This is where a kitchen extension can be transformative, allowing you to have these appliances and extra space within your room.

Add value to your property

A kitchen extension is bound to add value to your home. The extra space, as well as the gorgeous new facilities you can install in your new kitchen will mean that prospective buyers are ensnared by the beauty of your property. More square footage in your home can mean that you can put your property on the market at a higher price, especially if you create something like a utility room as part of your kitchen extension.

Increased entertainment space

In homes with a small kitchen it can be difficult to find an entertainment space that is large enough to fit all your friends and family. Often, open plan homes can be more effective for hosting. If you’re someone who is keen on hosting people at your home, a kitchen extension could be the way you make this easier. A bigger kitchen that can have room for a seating area would be brilliant for a social gathering where everyone can be comfortable.

Benefit from natural light

An increase of natural light is something that can make a brilliant difference to your happiness and how much you enjoy being in a space. Installing a skylight or a roof lantern within your kitchen extension could transform the space, flooding the room with bright light that can make your home more appealing. This can also make a difference to the style of your home, complementing the new design of your kitchen.

Free up rooms in your home

You could turn your kitchen extension into an open plan kitchen-diner. This could then free up your dining room (if you have one). This will give you the opportunity to use this room for another purpose, such as a home office. Doing so can really increase your quality of life, giving your family more room to spread out if you have been feeling slightly on top of each other. If you’re looking for more freedom in your home, a kitchen extension can help you achieve it.

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