Sustainable kitchens: How to prioritise the environment

Sustainability is, rightly so, a hot topic at the moment. If you’re looking at investing in a new kitchen, sustainability could be something you’d like to take into consideration more than you have before. There are ways to make your kitchen an eco-friendly space during the designing and installation process, ensuring that you are producing the least amount of carbon emissions possible. If you’re wondering how to do this, follow some of our tips to ensure your kitchen is a green space you can be proud of.

Ensure your appliances are energy efficient

During the process of designing your kitchen, you can ensure that the appliances you are investing in and including in your kitchen are as energy efficient as they can be. This includes your fridge, freezer, cooker, dishwasher and washing machine. Energy efficiency in this regard is important, as it ensures that the energy you are using is valued, rather than using more than you actually need. Energy efficiency runs from A to G, with A being the most efficient. When designing your new kitchen, try and include appliances that have a high rating.

Recycle during your kitchen re-model

During the process of your kitchen re-model, you will need to remove your old kitchen. To ensure you are being as sustainable as possible, you could think about recycling your old kitchen. This will make sure that the materials are disposed of as responsibly as possible, having the least amount of negative impact on the environment that they can.

Using environmentally friendly cleaning products

Cleaning products for the kitchen are often harsh and filled with chemicals. This is understandable – it’s important that your kitchen is free of germs and that your cooking space is a clean environment. However, there are kitchen cleaning products that are less harmful than the environment. These eco-friendly products don’t use damaging chemicals, meaning that you can be sure that your home is free from things like chlorine and phosphates that harm the environment. This reduces your carbon footprint.

Design a kitchen with an eco-friendly company

When you are considering a new kitchen and going through the design process, you could think about working with a company that values sustainability in their processes. We provide stunning kitchens whilst working with materials that don’t harm the earth. Some of our kitchen cabinets, for example, have recycled content of more than 50%, and the production makes use of many recycled materials. In addition to our pledge to the environment, the products we supply you with are durable within your home, and of the finest quality.

The company we work with for our cabinetry is also dedicated to giving back to the environment, such as creating flowering meadows for species protection. By choosing to get your new kitchen designed by us, you can be sure that sustainability is at the forefront of our minds, and your kitchen will be a green addition to your home.

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