Visit our showroom in London, W1

Our showroom in London, W1 is somewhere for you to see everything we have to offer with the clarity of your own eyes. No matter how accurate our designs are, sometimes virtual images can look different to real life. Visiting our showroom can help you experience samples, getting a preview about what certain colours of kitchens could look like in your home, and experiment with different handles and accessories. To organise your showroom appointment, call us on 020 8224 7173.

What’s in our showroom?

In our London showroom, you will be able to see a variety of materials and kitchen styles that you can adopt into your home. We have everything you could want, from cupboard colours to the possible appliances you could use in your kitchen.

  • Shaker doors
  • Slab doors
  • In-frame doors
  • Various worktop materials
  • Furniture accessories
  • Various appliances

Our kitchens are manufactured by a renowned German company, ensuring that all materials are durable as well as beautiful. Visiting our showroom will give you the confidence in us that you need.

Book your showroom appointment today

The showroom in London, W1 is accessible by appointment only. To find out when you can visit our kitchen showroom, call us on 020 8224 7173, email, or complete our contact form.


What are the benefits of visiting our showroom?

You may be wondering about the benefits of visiting our showroom in London, W1. There are many positive elements about seeing our kitchen range in person:

In-person inspiration

Visiting our in-person showroom in London will allow you to get some inspiration about what your kitchen could look like. If you were undecided on the style of your new kitchen, seeing the various options should help you whittle down your preferences.

Discuss your kitchen with design experts

You will be able to visit our showroom accompanied by one of our experts in design. During your conversation with our expert, you will be able to discuss your design and your preferences, ensuring that your kitchen includes everything you’re wishing for.

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Designer Kitchens

To get started with your new kitchen, get in touch with our team. The process can start as soon as is convenient, just call us on 020 8224 7173 or email