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Kitchens in West Wickham

How long have you been needing a new kitchen in your West Wickham property? Our tailored kitchens at Jeff Allen Designer Kitchens can provide you with durable kitchen furniture and appliances that won’t let you down. Finding out your practical requirements for your new kitchen, as well as the style you’ll adore, our expert designers work closely with you to guarantee that your new kitchen suits your needs. We have a comprehensive design service, during which we use software to allow you to preview what your luxury kitchen will look like in your West Wickham property. This is just one part of the excellent customer service we provide. We have been transforming properties in West Wickham for years, such as those found on Courtfield Rise and Holland Way. Get in touch with us to find out more about our kitchen design process by calling 020 8224 7173.

Your kitchen design in West Wickham

Our kitchen designers have more than 35 years of combined experience. No matter the dimensions of your space, from a small kitchen to a spacious West Wickham home, our design services will create a space that is ergonomic and stylish. We value attention to detail extremely highly in our line of work, ensuring that every surface is measured accurately and that we provide kitchen furniture of the highest quality. We will identify the right layout, appliances, and features to ensure you thrive in your new kitchen space, and will consult you for your preferences along the way. We are the experts you need.

Kitchen design in West Wickham

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To get in touch with us and start the process of designing your new kitchen in West Wickham, call us on 020 8224 7173 or email You can also complete our contact form for a response in just a few hours.


Styles from our kitchen specialists in West Wickham

Our kitchen specialists in West Wickham can provide you with a variety of styles for your new space. If you have always wanted the charm of a classic kitchen, we have the style for you. Similarly, if you’re looking for the sophistication of a sleek style, we have options to achieve this as well.

  • The styles available to your home
    The stylesavailable in our German kitchens will provide your West Wickham home with a touch of personality. We can work with you to achieve what you are searching for, and can create a blend of styles.
  • A slab kitchen has flat doors for a sleek look. There is the option for handles if required.
  • Shaker kitchen doors have a flat centre panel, resting on top of the cupboard’s shell.
  • In-frame doors sit within the shell of the cupboard, with a flat panel similar to a shaker style.

Kitchen styles in West Wickham

Materials of excellent quality

We work with German manufacturers, benefitting from luxury kitchens that are produced to the highest standard. Using innovative materials that are guaranteed for five years, we ensure that, by designing and installing a quality kitchen, it will be durable within your West Wickham home. Our past projects have benefitted abundantly from our German kitchens, and we are approved dealers with Bora, Neff, Siemens, Quooker, and Bosch. You can rest assured your appliances will complement your kitchen.

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If you need some inspiration or are looking to enquire about a kitchen for your property in West Wickham, call us on 020 8224 7173 or email

Our tips and advice

We are experienced in designing beautiful kitchens, right down to the finishing touches. If you need some advice regarding your kitchen, we are the people to come to. Visit our blog to follow the latest kitchen trends and tips for your home in West Wickham.

Working with Jeff Allen Designer Kitchens

Choosing Jeff Allen Designer Kitchens for your comprehensive kitchen design service will provide you with the perfect kitchen for your home in West Wickham. You will be rewarded with these benefits when working with us.

Collaborative approach

We get to know you and your requirements in depth, ensuring we design a space that suits your needs and your West Wickham home. We will always value your input – kitchen design is a personal process.

Reliable materials

Our German manufacturers use durable materials and innovative processes. Our kitchens come with a five-year guarantee, during which we will repair or replace anything in your West Wickham home.

Start to finish services

Our services are comprehensive. We can take care of everything, from the demolition of your old kitchen to the enabling works needed to extend your kitchen space. From design to installation, rely on us.

Case Studies

Coney Hall, West Wickham – Birch Avenue

This client desired a sleek and modern kitchen design, and the design team incorporated a taupe finish, a square edge laminate worktop, and integrated appliances such as a fridge and washing machine to create a seamless and functional space. The design was carefully planned to provide ample storage and workspace, while also creating a clean and minimalist atmosphere for cooking and entertaining. The end result was a beautiful and practical kitchen that met the client’s needs and preferences, providing a modern and functional space they could fully enjoy.

West Wickham – Rodney Gardens

This client desired a bold and unique kitchen design, and the design team incorporated a Hakka kitchen with an ocean blue and white finish, lip handles, slab unit doors, and a quartz worktop with a marble finish to create a stunning and functional space. As part of the project, stone walls were removed and replastered, and the boiler was relocated to the loft, creating a more open and airy atmosphere in the kitchen. The end result was a beautiful and functional kitchen that met the client’s desires and preferences, providing a unique and striking space for years to come.

West Wickham – South Walk

This client desired a unique and modern kitchen design, and the design team incorporated a stunning kitchen island with a built-in sink, as well as both a gas hob and an induction hob. The kitchen was designed with no traditional worktops, creating a sleek and minimalist look. The end result was a functional and eye-catching kitchen that met the client’s modern aesthetic and provided a unique and efficient space for cooking and entertaining.

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