An accessible kitchen

Our client in Kemsing initially came to us with an unclear idea of what she wanted. Together, we worked towards an end product that she is proud of, meeting her requirements and overcoming any challenges.

The client’s requirements

At first, our client came to us without much design direction, but informed us that her ceilings were rather low and her short height made regular kitchens slightly difficult to navigate.

  • Her property was equipped with a kitchen that was six years old, which was poorly fitted with an inefficient use of space and was wearing already.
  • Initially, as requested by the client, we designed a kitchen that incorporated elements of the original. We also designed one from scratch and, for roughly the same cost, our client benefitted from a new kitchen.
  • We met several times in the client’s home as well as in the showroom, discussing appliances, sinks, taps, fittings, and the height of the kitchen furniture, as well as viewing colour samples.

The details

The collaboration between ourselves and the client allowed us to whittle down the options between a colourful or standard colour kitchen. The height of the kitchen furniture was important, ensuring it was accessible for her. Several designs were provided, supplying our client with different layouts and colour combinations so that she could be sure on the style of her kitchen.

The challenges and solutions

One of the challenges in the space was that the ceilings were low. This meant that we had to adjust the height of the kitchen furniture to ensure it was still accessible, and this was also needed due to the client’s height. To overcome these factors, we spent time adjusting the heights of the plan until the right solution was found, and we even had some units custom made.

Our standard of service

To ensure we were providing an exemplary level of service throughout the entire project, our project manager made several visits during the installation, checking on each stage of the process. We made sure the client was happy with the work at every stage, and visited the property when the work was finished to complete our quality checks.

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