A family transformation

Our clients came to us with a very small kitchen. They were a growing family unit, and they wanted a space that would reflect this and remain practical over time.

The client’s requirements

Our client was interested in a kitchen that opened their home up, as the space was quite small and was separate from the rest of the house. As a growing family, this was a problem for them.

  • The client perused the brochure and samples, and we showed them previous designs from our projects. From this, they were able to pinpoint a style that they desired in their own kitchen.
  • The client has a family, and they needed their space to reflect this. They needed an increased amount of space within the kitchen, and requested for it to be opened out, providing access to the rest of the home.
  • The project included removing a wall between the dining room and the kitchen to make the best use of the space.

The details

The project could have been limited by the narrow nature of the room and, therefore, solutions were needed to make the most of the space available. The appliances were led by the growing family’s needs, as well as using appliances that could be fit into the space that the kitchen offered.

The challenges and solutions

The narrowness of the room was a big challenge for the design, as a kitchen island was requested to offer more counter space. To overcome this, we made one wall full of floor-to-ceiling units, accommodating an oven tower. This housed a compact combi microwave above a self-cleaning pyrolytic oven. The units had a full-sized fridge and freezer, a larder space with internal drawers, and a bookshelf. In the island, we designed an induction hob with a pop-up extractor fan and introduced seating. On the other wall, shallow units maximised the worktop space.

Another challenge was the fact that the kitchen felt cut off from the rest of the home. We solved this by introducing a banquet area to the kitchen, which is a table with surround-seating. This style of seating transforms family relationships, allowing them to build connections in a bustling room that often becomes the heart of the home. When the family grows up, it can be seen as a social area, as well as somewhere for children to complete homework whilst not being shut off from the family.

Our standard of service

This project took place at the very start of the COVID-19 pandemic, which meant materials were difficult to obtain and get delivered to our client’s home. The kitchen had already been removed and the wall joining the dining room and kitchen had been demolished. Working throughout the pandemic, we could only have one person working at a time within the property. Despite this, we completed the project on time and still made quality assurance visits at each stage. Our client was over the moon with our service.

Our client also expressed to us how much of a difference their new banquet area made in their family, realising the benefits it made to their relationships now they were able to use the same space in multiple ways.

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