A double kitchen

Our clients required a kitchen that offered more appliances and more space so that they would have enough facilities for their daughter’s family to join them in the home.

The client’s requirements

This client’s request was slightly unusual, but we did everything we could to ensure that we met their requirements. Their kitchen was small but we were able to find effective solutions.

  • Their client wanted their new kitchen space to include two of everything, so that their daughter’s family could join them in their home and cook at the same time.
  • The style of the kitchen was undecided when we were first approached by the client, so we gave them a brochure and showed them samples and designs of our previous kitchens to provide them with inspiration.
  • The appliances were decided with the need to support a growing family in mind and were selected to save the most amount of space as possible.
  • Plans were in place for a full-width rear extension. We were brought in at an early stage so that we could design their kitchen around the extension, tying the two elements of the home together.

The details

The kitchen was a much smaller room in comparison to the rest of the home, and the request was to double up on every appliance and provide enough worktop space for two families to merge their lifestyles. We provided a colour 3D design which the client instantly liked and decided to proceed with.

The challenges and solutions

Our main challenge was fitting in the amount of kitchen features that the client wanted into the small space available. Our proposal was bold, which was to make one wall full of floor-to-ceiling appliances. This housed two full-sized ovens, a combi microwave oven, and a compact steam oven with full facilities. This meant that there were four ovens for the use of two families. We designed space for a full-sized fridge and freezer and two larders with internal drawers. We also installed two dishwashers, two sinks, two extractor fans, and two hobs – one induction and one gas.

Initially the client was interested in having two gas hobs. As designers and kitchen experts, we explained the benefits of an induction hob, such as its ease of use, the smaller amount of heat generated, and the ease of cleaning. Having followed up with our client, they use the induction hob much more often for these exact reasons!

Our standard of service

To ensure we were providing an excellent standard of service throughout our time with this client, we made several quality assurance visits at each stage of the process. We also made the design process a collaboration, merging their preferences and needs with our expertise, which resulted in a kitchen that they love.

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