Refurbishing your kitchen: 6 reasons why you should

The decision to refurbish your kitchen could be a difficult one. There are many factors that you might be thinking about, with the positives outweighing the negatives most of the time. If you’re struggling to take the plunge into a full kitchen refurbishment, here are our top six reasons why it would benefit your home. After you’ve read this, you won’t want to hesitate any longer!

Save your kitchen from deterioration

If your kitchen has been around for a while, it’s likely to be showing some signs of deterioration. Whether there are appliances that need a few tries to get working or peeling worktops and stiff cupboard doors, these issues can become frustrating. It can make your cooking experience stressful rather than relaxing. It can also be a danger, with faulty appliances and the possibility of trapped fingers being increased.

Add value to your home

An updated kitchen is a brilliant way to add value to your property. Even if you don’t have any current plans to move, the added value is always beneficial in the long run. A modern style and updated appliances can attract buyers. If someone is buying a property, they will be more likely to invest in one that they can move into without having to do any renovations of their own. A kitchen is a brilliant investment, especially if you decide to add extra space to the home at the same time.

Make energy savings

By investing in appliances that are more energy efficient, your investment in a new kitchen could be something that saves you money in the long term. Saving energy in your home could mean the installation of an electric hob rather than a gas hob, or replacing your dishwasher to use modern, energy-saving technology. This should make a positive impact on your energy bills, proving that your new kitchen was worth the refurbishment.

Updated functionality

The existing kitchen in your property may not be suited to your requirements. A new kitchen is the opportunity to update your storage facilities. This could be extra shelving, deeper cupboards, or a free-standing pantry. You could improve the layout of the home, making sure the sink, oven, and worktops are all accessible, with minimal obstacles in between. This could improve your cooking experience and make the kitchen the heart of the house.

Update your kitchen’s style

Introducing your kitchen to modern style trends and updating the design is one of the best parts of your kitchen refurbishment. You can be rewarded with a kitchen that fits in with the style of the rest of your property, creating a flow throughout your home. From a shaker kitchen to a slab door kitchen, you can choose any style in any colour, ensuring your kitchen looks sophisticated; it could be the envy of all your visitors.

Tailor your kitchen to your lifestyle

Investing in a kitchen is the best way to ensure it truly feels like yours. You can tailor your space to whatever you need, from making it safe for children to ensuring you can cook up a masterpiece within its walls. Designing a kitchen that suits a growing family and ensuring a child’s safety will also go a long way when it comes to selling the property. Anything you could want, from multiple microwaves to a double bowl kitchen sink, can be designed for you.

If you’ve decided to refurbish your kitchen, you’ll need a reliable and talented designer. That’s where Jeff Allen Designer Kitchens comes in, providing designs tailored to your requirements that don’t disappoint. Call us on 020 8224 7173 or email to get started.