Maximise your storage space in a small kitchen!

If you have a relatively small kitchen space, or you’ve become tired of inefficient storage solutions, you may have been brainstorming ways to maximise the storage in your new space. There are many design tricks that can see you benefitting from a high amount of storage, even in the smallest of kitchens. Have a look at some of the best design features that can help you make the most of your kitchen space.

Include shelving

Shelving can be a great way of making use of an underutilised wall or on the side of your wall of cupboards. Where there may not be enough space for cupboards, even a small amount of shelving can give opportunities for storage of small items, such as jars, spices and mugs. Shelving can add a design feature to your space, as well as adding convenient storage space.

Opt for sliding doors

If your space is particularly narrow, a clever method of ensuring you still benefit from storage cupboards is to implement sliding doors instead of hinged doors. This allows you to still access the contents of your cupboards, without needing to open the door in a narrow space. Instead, sliding doors can mean that you can have cupboards even in a space which may have seemed inconvenient.

Consider corner drawers

The key to maximising storage in a small kitchen is making the most of every nook and cranny that you can find. Corner drawers can be a great way of benefitting from as many drawers as possible, even if you don’t have room for a full-length drawer. These drawers can be used for the same utensils, but they make use of the corners of your kitchen that may have otherwise been empty.

Take the cupboards to the ceiling

Kitchen cupboard doors often leave a gap before the ceiling starts. If your kitchen is small and you’re looking for extra storage, you could think about taking your cupboards all the way up to the ceiling. This could give you another entire shelf within your cupboard, and although they may be hard to reach, will be very handy for your seldom-used items that you still need to store.

Implement a kitchen island

Even in a small kitchen, an island can offer an abundance of additional storage. The kitchen island can be as small as it needs to be, and it will still offer more counter space, as well as a couple of cupboards that you can make use of. Some may think that a kitchen island in a small space could make it look smaller, but the additional storage will be helpful and effective design features will ensure that the space doesn’t feel enclosed.

Make a feature out of your backsplash

Your backsplash can be utilised for more than just protecting your wall – you can secure hooks onto the surface so that you can hang up kitchen utensils. This can free up some space in your cupboards and drawers, by hanging pots, pans, spatulas and spoons on the wall. As well as acting as extra storage, this can be a quirky and interesting design feature in your kitchen space.

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