Induction vs gas hobs: Which one is best for your home?

When going through the process of investing in a brand-new kitchen for your home, you may be torn between an induction hob and a gas hob. Many people have their preferences, especially if they’ve only known one type of appliance, but it’s important to know which type of hob will be the most beneficial for you and your home. So, what is the difference between an induction hob and a gas hob, and what impact can they have on your property?

What is an induction hob?

An induction hob is powered by electricity, using electromagnetism to heat up. Using a magnetic field to transfer heat into the pan means that only the pan is heated, not the entire hob. This means that there is less residual heat generated, maintaining a comfortable temperature in your kitchen.

What is a gas hob?

Most people will be familiar with a gas hob, with many older homes having them as a default. Induction hobs, although around for a long time, have largely increased in popularity lately. Turning the knobs on the gas hob cooker releases gas into the burner rings which, once ignited, heats the pan above.

How do I choose the right cooker for my home?

There are several factors that will affect which type of hob will be the most beneficial for your home. You should take these considerations into account, ensuring that you make the right choice for your property and the ease of your cooking experience.


If you have a young family, their safety is something to prioritise in your decision making. A lot of the time, an induction hob is the safer option, as it doesn’t heat up unless a pan is placed on the surface. This makes it safe for children, as once the pan is taken off, the heat will automatically turn itself off.

The cooking experience

It’s important to take your preferences into account, and the cooking experience of an induction hob and a gas hob are different. Some people are of the opinion that gas hobs are easier to control, and they prefer the experience they provide. For those that like to cook quickly, an induction hob may be better.

Energy efficiency

The more modern and energy efficient approach is an induction hob. This is because it can be powered using renewable energy, such as from solar or wind power. It uses electricity as its power source, whereas a gas hob uses fossil fuels that contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.

Design and style

A large part of your decision will likely be down to the style of the hobs available. If you are investing in a kitchen with a sleek, contemporary design, then the minimalist nature of an induction hob will be for you. Gas hobs are suited to kitchens that lean into a classic, perhaps more rustic style.

Ease of cleaning

The ease of cleaning is extremely important in a kitchen space. Gas hobs can sometimes pose problems for this, as there are more nooks and crannies that must be navigated to ensure it’s clean. An induction hob can simply be wiped clean with a damp cloth, eliminating time spent cleaning.

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