The importance of ergonomics in your kitchen

One of the most important factors of a kitchen is ensuring that you have a great cooking experience! We spend a lot of time in our kitchens, so ensuring they are comfortable to move around in and all the cupboards are accessible with just a simple reach of an arm is crucial. There are many elements of the kitchen that can be optimised to ensure the ergonomics are considered, and a customised kitchen that is designed to you and your needs will guarantee these are accounted for.

Why are ergonomics important?

The ergonomics in your kitchen matter enormously. The ease of moving around your kitchen will help you have a good cooking experience, reducing the amount of stress you could feel. If you’re busy making a large family meal and your cupboards are at an awkward height or you have to close the kitchen door to open the oven, this won’t result in an enjoyable cooking experience. Plus, if the ergonomics of your kitchen aren’t optimal, you could start to experience chronic pain or uncomfortable twinges from having to reach into inaccessible cupboards.

How do I ensure my kitchen is ergonomic?

There are three main things that make a kitchen a dream to work in. The height of all components of your kitchen must accommodate each other, ensuring that you don’t have to be uncomfortable when looking for ingredients or washing up your dishes.

  • The height of your sink

The height of your sink is important, as you don’t want to be uncomfortably hunched over when you’re washing your vegetables or the dishes. There is potentially a lot of time spent at your sink, especially if your space is too small for a dishwasher. Crouching to reach your sink effectively could cause you long-term back pain, especially if you are repeating this on a daily basis.

  • The height of your worktops

If your worktops are even a touch too short, this could cause you to be uneasy when working in the kitchen. This is also relative to your own height, which is why it’s a good idea to get your kitchen designed professionally, so it can be tailored to your own requirements. Having worktops at a height that isn’t right for you could result in bad posture whilst cooking, which could occasionally lead to more kitchen mishaps.

  • The height of your oven

Typically, your oven will require you to bend down to retrieve your masterpiece of a meal. While this is often the best decision for your kitchen layout, you could think about bringing it up so that you can open and close the door without bending down. Crouching to retrieve your food can sometimes make you unstable, and this could cause some accidents. If you have the room to place your oven in a column in your kitchen, this is a good idea to consider.

Your kitchen’s layout

The layout of your kitchen is something that can make a large difference to how easy it is to navigate. No matter how big or small your kitchen is, there are ways to make it easy to move around in. One of the most recommended ways to optimise your kitchen’s layout is to create a triangle between the most used aspects of your kitchen: your sink, your oven, and your primary workspace. This is something to discuss with your kitchen designer, as there are a few mistakes that could make your kitchen a tricky place to be in. Of course, this is something that you will want to avoid!

The ease of using your cupboards 

You may think that the cupboards are the simplest part of designing your kitchen, but there are factors that you must take into consideration for these as well. If you are left-handed for example, you may want to change the direction that your cupboard doors open. You also should consider the height of the cupboards on the upper tier. This is especially important if you are shorter, as it could help you reach your cupboards without straining.

After hearing all these considerations, you may be wondering how to put them into practice… That’s where we come in. Our expert kitchen designers can help you create the kitchen of your dreams. Call Jeff Allen Designer Kitchens on 020 8224 7173 or email